Door to door

Our door-to-door transport integrates sea and land-based transportation in a smart, cost-efficient alternative to trucks. It is just as easy to order. 

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From your door to theirs or the other way around. This transport service is great for intra-European transport. If needed, we combine the transportation with truck or rail. Some might need it, and others don't. We can help you with all of them with an extensive partner network in Norway and Europe.

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You can plan your logistics with high precision and ease, due to our efficient combination of trucking and our weekly sailings from Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven to Norway.

Transport with flexible storage solutions

We provide
  • 45’ containers, the equivalent of one truckload. Perfect for intermodal transportation!
  • 20’ & 40’ standard containers
  • Pallet wide containers
  • Flat racks
  • Reefers

We have reefer containers in our short-sea offering with the ability to keep all cargo either cold or warm.

You get extra flexible storage time in our containers. Seven days of free container rental is included in the price.

Advantages with door to door services

Multimodal - efficient

  • One total net freight price
  • One point of contact

Lower costs for you and the environment

Low cost, reliable and sustainable
  • Save up to 10-50% compared to truck transport
  • Smaller carbon footprint, better for the environment overall

Ships are the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. And almost 30% of all freight transport transported from Europe to Norway by road today could be transferred to shipping.

Questions? We're here to help!

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Shortsea Sales Manager
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