Our terms and conditions

North Sea Container Line AS terms and conditions are found in our waybills.

Standard Waybill

Door2Door Waybill 

The following Forwarding conditions apply for services through North Sea Management AS. 

All forwarding is effected subject to Conditions specified on our website and Laws and regulations governing domestic and international transport by road, rail, sea and air, including the CMR, Montreal and Haag Visby conventions and General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015), latter of which with the following amendments:

§5, para 4: “Unless otherwise agreed it is the customer`s obligation to arrange for loading and unloading of the goods and to arrange for stowing and securing of the goods”.§7, para 1, first sentence: “If specifically agreed between the Parties, the freight forwarder shall be responsible for ensuring that the goods are picked up, carried and delivered within a reasonable time(without a time guarantee).”§20 A: deleted§23: “In calculating the extent of compensation for loss, depreciation, damage and delay, and all other loss, the principles of §§ 17-19, 20B and 21 shall apply correspondingly.”§25: deleted

Insurance is covered only on if specifically agreed between the Parties. All rates given are subject to space and equipment availability at time of booking and also subject to change in weight and dimensions.

Transport conditions for North Sea Management in English

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